Lexus Consultant

Date: 15 Apr 2024

Location: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Company: inchcape



Job Title: Lexus Consultant

Department: Lexus Sales

Reporting Line: Assistant General Manager - Lexus

Branch: Lexus Gadong



Job Summary


To perform all duties as designated by Lexus Sales and be able to carry out the functions of the department independently and without prejudice.



The key areas are as below:


Sales Administration 

  • To achieve the sales target by promoting and selling Lexus vehicles.  
  • To achieve the customer prospects quota with constant, follow up and monthly sales conversion rate.  
  • To manage vehicle sales process through Vehicle Sales Order System (VSOS), i.e., update customer information, bookings, extensions, etc.  
  • To ensure the customer loan application documentation is properly completed and approved by Finance companies, to achieve the target collection period of 15 days from invoice date.  
  • To comply with Vehicle Delivery procedure and always complete the checklist.  
  • To make follow-up calls to customers after delivery in accordance with Lexus practice and obtain feedback and track any complaints that might arise through Customer Tracking Form.  
  • To adhere to showroom duty roster and housekeeping.  
  • To record the Trade Plates usage in the Control Book.  
  • To assist the Sales division in organizing and manning various roadshows and promotional campaigns throughout the Marketing calendar year.  
  • To attend sales training and courses conducted by the Company.


Sales Service Index (SSI) 

  • To provide excellent customer service to all Lexus customers to achieve the Lexus Sales Service Index of 94.5% (2019).  


Inchcape Advantage (IA)

  • To practice the IA cultures of Brilliant Basics and provide Magic Moments for the customer to enjoy the ultimate customer experience every time and everywhere.
  • Perform the BIG 4 Action (Access, Greeting, Acknowledgement and Test Drive).
  • Achieve the Net Promoter Score (NPS) with constant customer service provided to both Buyer and Non-Buyer.  



  • To comply with the ISO Sales Operating Procedures and Credit Control Policies.  
  • To comply with the Computer Security Policy, EMS and EHS guidelines and other Company policies.  
  • To protect the confidentiality of NBT Information and assets of the Company.  
  • To carry out tasks required by the management from time to time.


Action Oriented


  • Demonstrated enthusiasm, drive, and determination to get ahead and pursue goals energetically; shows self-confidence and optimistic outlook; acts initiative and takes responsibility for one’s own work and for the safety of others.  



  • Shows awareness for one’s own strengths and weaknesses’ works comfortably in uncertain conditions with no or little direction and information; accepts new ideas and supports changes initiative; adapts or changes one’s opportunities to improve; can absorb new information and learn new techniques; maintains stable performance under pressure. 



  • Encourages communication throughout the organization; shares information with others and clearly communicates awareness of strengths and weakness and admits mistakes; and maintains relationships with people at all levels in the organization. 


Customer Focus / Quality

  • Focuses on identifying and meeting customer’s needs by taking their interests and complaints seriously; Delivers prompt, efficient and personalized service; Shows empathy and understanding for others’ views and attitudes; and ensures professional, high quality work standards are met; Accepts criticism without hostility or defensiveness and uses it constructively to move forward. 



  • Acts consistently in accordance with clear ethics and values and models high standards of behavior for others through one’s own actions; Maintains confidentiality and uploads agreements made with others; Able to relate to people from different cultures; and maintains a balance between work and personal life so neither affects too other negatively. 


Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork

  • Identities and uses the most appropriate interpersonal style to suit different circumstances; identifies well with others and can work efficiently in a team; Quickly builds rapport with others; Helps people with individual imitations and supports them through difficult periods; and shows tolerance and consideration for others viewpoint; is able to keep own emotions in check. 


Time and Task Management

  • Manages time effectively and shows punctuality; completes tasks on time; structures work activities in a systematic way; Respects and follows company policies; shows organizational commitment; Ensures safety at the workplace; shows receptiveness to being managed and co-operate willingly; Demonstrates detailed job knowledge. Manual; ability and technical expertise in one’s own area. 



  • Ensures proper documentation of all receiving activities. 
  • Ensure and practice the outmost protection of office confidentiality. 
  • Ensures the security and maintenance of a clean and organized filing system.
  • Assists in monthly inventory counts and reconciliation.
  • Provide a friendly, courteous, and professional service always.
  • Handles guest and employee enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, reporting complaints or problems if no immediate solution can be found, whilst providing prompt follow-up.
  • Is knowledgeable in statutory legislation in employee and industrial relations, understanding and strictly adhering to rules and regulations established in the employee handbook and the company policies concerning fire, health & safety.
  • To report for duty punctually wearing the correct uniform.
  • To maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene and adhere to the company and department grooming standards.
  • To comply with local legislation as required.
  • To attend training sessions and meetings as and when required.
  • To be flexible in your job function and perform any other reasonable duties and responsibilities which may be assigned to you, including redeployment to their departments/areas if required, to meet business demands and service needs.
  • Maintains positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships.
  • Exercise responsible management and behavior always and positively representing the company.
  • Respond to request to undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties to changes as dictated by the industry, and company.